Computer Love | A Love Story

Happy Valentines Day! I have wanted to share this story for a long time. Today is the perfect day so here goes…

How it all Started

The year was 1999, the place Computer Learning Center in Garland Texas. I was sitting in a computer lab during class when I looked out the window to my left and saw a handsome young man wearing a leather coat. I immediately thought he was cute and wondered what was up with him. This was November, but it wasn’t until January when I let him know I was feeling him.

At the time I was 18 and fresh out of high school, I was scared to tell him I liked him because I wasn’t sure if he would like me back and I was afraid of rejection. I admitted I liked him to a friend, so one day he (my husband) was absent and we were outside talking to one of his friends when my friend told his friend I wanted to take him (my husband) to the Red Roof Inn which was located next to our school. This was a joke between me and her, but once she spilled the beans there was no going back.

The Next Day

When he came back to school, I could tell he knew just by the way he looked at me. He was smiling and obviously flattered. Before this we would talk within a group during breaks between classes, so I’d had the chance to get a feel for his personality and we had a rapport. I knew he was funny which made him even more attractive!

Once he got the word from his homeboy we exchanged phone numbers and started talking on the phone. I really enjoyed talking to him, his sense of humor is what got me, he always made me laugh. We would stay on the phone until we got sleepy (even though we would see each other the next day).

Our First Date

February 13, 2000. The day before Valentines Day. It was a Sunday and I will never forget it. I got my first car that weekend and couldn’t wait to get out and be grown! Let’s remember I was 18 and fresh out of high school. I knew I was getting a car and my first order of business was to ride out with my new friend.

We rode around the city, talking and enjoying each other’s company. We both were a little nervous because if you recall he found out I liked him with an invite to a hotel, so sex was definitely on the table. At the time, either of us was looking to be in a relationship. He was 19, so we just wanted someone to have fun with. We had lots of fun starting that day. After that we were under each other all the time!

Friends First

Every day after school, we would get food, go to his house and hang. This was when we established our friendship. It was easy to be myself around him. I wasn’t embarrassed about being goofy, and we talked about everything. I believe being friends is what has kept us together so long. Even through the growing pains of young adulthood we never went longer than a month without talking.

We Still Together

This year puts us at 19 years! This last year alone we have grown so much together, it’s amazing to watch him grow from a boy to a man. He is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine taking this walk with anyone else. Forever and always, I love my husband. Happy Anniversary and Valentines Day!