I got fired today! I’m writing this down as I process what just happened. I have to give you the whole story so you can get an understanding as to how and why this happened.

Since starting this blog my goal has been to tell the story of a mom who wanted to work from home to spend more time with her family. You may use this link for that story

I’ve been working from home in the mortgage industry since the pandemic showed up and it’s been rough, to say the least.

Keep reading to hear the full story on why I got fired today.

How it Started

In September I made the decision to transition to a different company that offered a heftier salary. I was excited to have the opportunity to make more money, but I found out why they were willing to pay me so much very quickly. 

I was rushed through training straight into month-end which is always the busiest time in the mortgage industry. That was definitely my first bad week. The training did not have structure, it consisted of phone calls with the team lead while I watched her work through the system.

All Down Hill

Once I was left to work on my own the stress began. I understand the demands of the industry and I knew going in I would be expected to work overtime. There were two nights when I have worked until 10 pm after starting at 8 am. 

I try not to complain because I love the fact I don’t have to leave the house and drive in traffic, but I don’t think these jobs understand we are in a pandemic and there is way more behind the scenes than the work I produce for them.

Behind drafting mortgage disclosures all day. I have a husband and two sons who are home with me all day. I’ve been juggling a full-time job, homeschooling, cooking, and cleaning, all while trying to build my online business.

Why I Got Fired

The events that lead to getting fired started Tuesday, today is (Thursday). On Tuesday night, I logged off at 10 pm. I was dawg tired and could do nothing but crawl in bed to get ready to do it all again at 8 am. My husband encouraged me to take a day off to get myself together. I took his advice and sent my two managers an email stating I didn’t have the mental or physical capacity to log in today and that I will be back tomorrow. 

After I hit send on the email, I promptly logged off and went to sleep. What I didn’t know at that time was that one of the managers replied and said, “ok, but please make sure you log back in this evening for mandatory overtime.” I didn’t see this email until after I logged in this morning and after a phone call from HR.

Shortly after I logged in this morning I received a call from HR stating I’m not a good fit and they are parting ways. 

The Future

I’m still in shock, but even though I hated the job, I didn’t expect them to fire me. I was doing a good job (while killing myself in the process).  I knew it wasn’t a good fit early on, but I was just trying to push through and keep our family afloat.

There were many days I wanted to quit, but God saved me from having to make that tough decision and did it for me! My spirit is entrepreneurial and I’m taking this as my opportunity to soar and put all my energy into my business. 

I have been trying to squeeze in the work necessary for my online business, and it has been frustrating because after finishing my day job I have no gas left!

I realize how blessed I am to have a job and maybe my getting fired opened a door for someone who is passionate about that type of work.

Well, that is the story in a nutshell, but if you have questions please leave them in the comments below.