Valentines Day is coming and I wanted to make sure we don’t forget about the men in our lives.

Valentines Day is not only for women. Ladies, it’s ok to make your man feel special too!

I have always believed in getting my husband a gift on this infamous day of love.

If you think a man isn’t supposed to get a gift, then girl we need to talk. You could be messing up your relationship.

Even if you are operating on a tight budget you can do something as simple as cooking him a nice meal, just to show him you care. Small gestures go a long way so keep that in mind.

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Most men don’t ask for much so here is a list of things I have in mind for my husband, maybe they can help inspire you this year.

Be Thoughtful

Paying attention to what your man needs will help you come up with ideas. For example, he is always going to need underwear and lounge clothes. Get him something you know he will feel comfortable walking around the house in. It also helps if it’s something he looks good in, he will feel good and you will enjoy looking at him. I love to see my man in boxer briefs with a form-fitting t-shirt. I also threw in some gray sweatpants (for reasons you ladies should know).

My Boo is a gamer and he also likes unique socks, so when I ran across these Playstation socks I was like YAAAASSS! I know he will love them!

Cologne is always a good gift. There is nothing better than a good smelling man!

Sauvage by Dior has been a favorite for us for a while now, ladies I promise you will be over your man with this one! My husband doesn’t know this yet but I’m signing him up with a subscription to Scentbird so he can try out different fragrances without breaking the bank. Click below to get your guy started too!

Gift the Gift of Scent this Valentine’s Day!

Scentbird Men

Tech gifts are definitely on the list. Hook him up with a new watch or some wireless earbuds.

Last but not least: a wallet, initial engraved money clip, or a classic man whiskey set. I think any man would be happy to get something from this list. Let’s get out there and make these men feel special!

Let me know what your plans are this year, I will add your suggestions to the list