I have been thinking about signing up for a subscription box for a while but wasn’t sure which one to pick. All of the ones I researched never seemed to be a good fit for me.

Until one day, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw an ad in my feed for NY&C Closet.


NY&C Closet Subscription Box

Yep, that’s right one of my favorite stores New York & Company now has a monthly subscription box! I’m so glad I waited because I’m on a budget and can’t afford to sign up for more than one of these things.

If I was going to sign up this would be the one for me. I have loved New York & Company since my sister introduced me back in 2004. I wasn’t able to shop there as much and I would have liked to because my funds were always low. The few pieces that I have from there lasted a long time and I appreciate their quality.

So needless to say when I saw the ad and read the details on their site I was ready to sign up! Here is a try-on of me in my 3 pieces.


I went through the outfits that were available and added the items I liked to my closet. Your closet is the collection of garments you would like to receive, and 3 garments at sent at a time. Here are the 3 that came in my first box along with my try-on.

Gray Moto Jacket


Moto Jacket

Grey Moto Jacket

This jacket is a size 16 and I was not able to zip it. It’s good quality though, made of a heavy material.

Plus Size Moto Jacket

Floral Wrap Skirt

Floral Wrap Skirt

This one I really love! It’s a long floral wrap skirt. The material on this one is heavy and it’s good quality!

Floral Wrap Skirt


Black Jeggings

These pants are everyday black jeggings. They are super comfortable and stretchy. I didn’t do an official try-on in these but I did wear them to an interview and snapped this pic at Ross afterward.


In summary, the concept of NY&C Closet is cool but be advised the clothes are not new. After sending back everything in my box, I decided not to place another order. I also tried Dia&Co and wasn’t too thrilled there either, at some point I may try another clothing subscription service.