When I Google Best Cookware Sets, the brand that catches my eye is Carraway. They are just like nothing I’ve seen before. The modern yet subtle design makes me feel some type of way.

Let’s not even start on the colors. This Perracotta shade is absolutely beautiful and I can envision the whole set someday resting on my stovetop. Unfortunately with a price tag of $395, Mama will need to work this blog a little bit harder to justify that purchase.

Until then, let’s discuss the best cookware sets for us on a budget. Keep reading to hear about my new cookware purchase as well as the cookware I’ve purchased in the past.

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Food Network™ 10-pc. Textured Titanium Nonstick Cookware

All of 2020, my cookware situation was raggedy! I was in desperate need of cookware that supported all my cooking needs, so it was important to find a set that contained the staples.

After browsing Kohl’s website a few times, I added the Food Network™ 10-pc. Textured Titanium Nonstick Cookware Set to my cart

I let it sit in the cart for a few days while I looked around Amazon and other stores. I was pleasantly surprised when I returned and saw the price dropped and I would earn some Kohl’s cash so I pulled the trigger and submitted the order.

This set includes:

.5-qt. sauce pan with lid

3-qt. sauce pan with lid

3-qt. saute pan with lid

6-qt. Dutch oven with lid

8-in. frypan

10-in. frypan

So far I have used them to cook a variety of meals and I can report they are heavily weighted and rest securely on my electric burners, the textured bottom helps prevent sticking, and they look nice.

I normally wait to find a good Black Friday deal, and this was definitely a good one. This cookware set is currently on sale for $149 while I paid $89. Yep, I scored on this one!

The next two sets I mention were also purchased during a Black Friday sale, let’s start with 2017.

GreenLife Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Cookware

This is the set I’ve used from November 2017 until now. We moved in 2019 and put all our stuff in storage, I somehow thought we would be rich by the time we moved again, so I gave away almost all my kitchen items.

The joke was on me when I unpacked and realized I had barely anything to work with. I had a few pots and pans, but why were there no lids? I still can’t understand how I managed to give the lids and keep the pots, but I’ve managed to make it work.

Honestly, this was not my favorite set of cookware, but I chose them based on their claim of healthier cooking and easy cleanup. Currently, I still have the whole set, a few of the handles are loose, but after three years they have been good support for me in the kitchen.

Rachael Ray Nonstick Cookware

During Black Friday in 2014, I picked up my favorite cookware set, which was by Rachael Ray. This was my first ‘big girl’ set of pots and pans, and I really explored and improved my cooking skills with these.

Near the end of my tenure with this set, the non-stick material started to chip away and mix in with my food which is a big no, no.

So, it seems three years is the average lifecycle of all the cookware sets I’ve shared today. My plan is to advance my cookware game to include high quailty pieces that outlast my current and past cookware sets.

Tell me, what are your best cookware items? Comment below.