About Me


I’m Chaundell, and just like you, I get overwhelmed with all the things that come with being a mom, wife, and full time employee.

Outside of being the mama of two sons (16 & 10) I work full time in the mortgage industry.

I’m a busy wife, blogger, cook, household manager, sister, daughter…the list goes on.

Balancing mom life, wife life and, work life is not easy and can cause you to forget who you are.

I’m here to help busy moms balance life while staying to true to themselves, by sharing the methods I use to keep my sanity in a house full of guys.

Please stay tuned to the adventures of Mama Works From Home.

Mama Works From Home is a mission statement. My kids call me Mama and I want to Work From Home. This blog is how I plan to make my dream of owning my own business come true while escaping the corporate grind.