Welcome to Mama Works From Home

Mama Works From Home (MWFH) started in 2017 as an affiliate marketing website I wanted to use as a blog and make money. 

My plan was to tell the story of a mom who wanted to spend more time at home with her family, but her 9-5 job of 12 years was in her way.

For years I tossed around lots of ideas but never quite knew what to do. I still have a 9-5 but I now permanently work from home due to the pandemic. 

Could I have manifested the quarantine?

In 2020, I decided to put full effort into this blog and just be me and tell my story in hopes of inspiring someone else to do something outside their box.

Now that mama works from home how will she transition to working for herself? 

You will need to keep following my journey because I don’t even know how this will play out. 

All I do know is progress leads to results so I’m going to keep going.


What to expect from this blog:


Raw and real-life experiences of a very cool mom who turns 40 this year.

My Mission

“I want to inspire women to move past untrue beliefs that have caused low self-esteem and accomplish goals they didn’t think they could achieve.”


If I can do it, anyone can and that’s on period!